One-Click Conversion - The Jottery app will convert the text into a video with just one click. Currently, the solutions available in the market, they offer a lengthy process and it takes a lot of effort to generate a video. Below is the snapshot image of the Jottery app where we can see, to convert the video we just need to write the text and click on the generate video icon.

Freemium-Model - Currently, the text to video solutions in the market are very expensive. Our solution will be a freemium model. The users can use the app for free but they will have to watch ads at different touch-points. They can also subscribe to the ad-free version with just CAD100/year. Which is quite affordable as compared to other solutions in the market.

More Engaging audience - We have an additional feature when it comes to understand a customer behaviour by understanding the type of text they are writing or the content they are consuming[4]. This will help us to buid a robust advertising platform with more control on behavioural targeting.

Based in:

Vancouver, Canada